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 Pick & Poll (part II) - 1st topic on Show Luo

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Pick & Poll (part II) - 1st topic on Show Luo Empty
PostSubject: Pick & Poll (part II) - 1st topic on Show Luo   Pick & Poll (part II) - 1st topic on Show Luo EmptyThu Jul 22, 2010 11:17 am

For our second fun mini poll, the question was which of the celebrities would you want to hear more of? The upside for the winning vote is we'll have news / pictures / videos of the winner mentioned in this forum for a week. The winner was Show Luo. So here goes, our first topic:

I would put up a bio of Show on this topic, i'm sure you already know everything about him (if you're his fan that is) but for the benefit of others, here goes:

Chinese Name: Luo Zhi Xiang (羅志祥)
English name: Show / Alan Luo
Nickname: Xiao Zhu (Little Pig) (小豬)
Birthday: July 30, 1979
Birthplace: Keelung, Taiwan
Zodiac: Goat
Height: 180cm (5'11")
Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Languages Spoken: Mandarin, Japanese, and Taiwanese; learning English
Hobbies: dancing, acting, singing, hosting, telling weird jokes
Favorite Sports: basketball, swimming
Favorite Body Part: eyes, hair (his hair has to be kept in order)
Favorite Colors: red, black, and bright colors
Dislikes: people messing with his hair (you will be dead) and people stepping on his shoes
Music Company: Gold Typhoon
Brand Name: STAGE

1998 – When We Are Nesting Together (Lin Ming Zong)
2000 – Go Forward Girls (Luo Jia Xi)
2001 – The Youth of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (Liang Shan Bo)
2002 – Spicy Hot Teacher (Yu Zhi Xiang)
2003 – Hi! My Working Girl (Zheng Da Lun)
2004 – The Outsiders II (Yuan Cheng Lie / Ah Lie)
2007 – Corner With Love (Qin Lang): Part 1 | Part 2
2008 – Hot Shot (Yuan Da Ying)
2009 – Hi My Sweetheart (Xue Hai / Da Lang)

2001 – Expect a Miracle
200X – Two and Half Detectives- There are Ghosts in the School's Backyard
2005 – Chicken Little – Voice Over
2007 – The Bee Movie – Voice Over
Passionate Years (unconfirmed)

Other Songs
Four Heavenly Kings Songs
| Cha Cha Wu Di (Cha Cha Dance Floor) | Wo Xi Huan (I Like It) | Xia Yi Tiao (Summer) |

Other Soundtracks
| Ai Zhuan Jiao (Love’s Corner) – SPESHOW (Special version) |
| Bi Sha Ji – High School Musical II Soundtrack | Biao Han (Sweat) – Jump 9492 (Joey Yung) |

MV Appearances
| Tiao Xin (Provoke) – Shin | Xi Wang (Hope) – He Jie | Zhe Ju Hua (This Phrase) – Bibi Zhou |

-“The entertainment circle is cruel”
-“Artists without a stage is pitiful, but artists who do not understand how to leave the stage is sorrowful”
-“Dance, anyone can dance; but the truth, not everyone can understand”

***more bio can be found from Arrow Show's AF forum

Pick & Poll (part II) - 1st topic on Show Luo Untitled-1-4copy
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Pick & Poll (part II) - 1st topic on Show Luo
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