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 Book price at Yesasia (in RM)

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Ghost Squad Trainee

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Book price at Yesasia (in RM) Empty
PostSubject: Book price at Yesasia (in RM)   Book price at Yesasia (in RM) EmptySun Aug 08, 2010 6:08 pm

Hi there!

Im green_cucumber from Malaysia and im new here. I was looking around and saw a few comments on alien's new book 赤鬼流. Yesasia is selling it at RM 75.24. Im not sure where to get it in malaysia though. I usually buy taiwanese artistes' books when I go to taiwan (which is quite often). Its much cheaper there. I'll help to search for local M'sian bookstores and see whether they have it anot and post back any info I can get.

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Book price at Yesasia (in RM) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book price at Yesasia (in RM)   Book price at Yesasia (in RM) EmptyMon Aug 09, 2010 12:31 am

hello green_cucumber! welcome to the forum Smile

sure! you can post the price when you've found it. If there's any malaysian fan here is interested to buy the book, at least they would know where to find it and the price for it. it would be a great help.

have you introduced yourself though? if you haven't why not go Arrow here and do it for us to know you better Smile

Book price at Yesasia (in RM) Untitled-1-4copy
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Book price at Yesasia (in RM)
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