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 Pick & Poll (part I) - last topic on Rainie & Alien

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Pick & Poll (part I) - last topic on Rainie & Alien  Empty
PostSubject: Pick & Poll (part I) - last topic on Rainie & Alien    Pick & Poll (part I) - last topic on Rainie & Alien  EmptySun Jul 11, 2010 1:22 pm

today will mark the last day of Rainie & Alien's post for pick and poll part I. of course, anyone could post anything about them (must be related to Alien too) as and when there's anything interesting.

did you guys know that XG was the 'judge-friend' for Rainie's episode of Rainie in love 100% (lian ai bai fen bai) in 2005? this is just the first part. you can watch the whole part from the same user.

anyway, just a short summary at the beginning, Show mentioned that a lot of people submit their registration for this episode of Rainie's. However, it was difficult for them to shortlist the guys because mostly were 165cm (Rainie prefer taller guys) and those that exceeds that height talks too much etc. When Da S introduced XG, Show said that Alien is like her family and Da S introduced him as "Rainie's ex-boyfriend and at current Rainie's mother's God Son". XG found the introduction a little long. Da S asked XG what's his height and he said 176cm. Da S said he has a lot of hair (Rainie likes guys with lots of hair), doesn't talk too much and Show said he knows how to play basketball too. Show wonders wouldn't it be awkward to have an ex-boyfriend judge for Rainie's 'love'. Then Da S asked XG where does the problem lies in the end that they actually broke up. XG said at that time he was still a student while Rainie already entered showbiz, then slowly they grew further apart. XG also mentioned Rainie's the type who knows what she wants, so when she has decided, no type of begging could change her mind. Da S asked whether he still tried to win her back after their break up. He mentioned he was being a real man (being strong and maintaining ego). Then Da S said that now he's Rainie's mother's God Son so their relationship is very good. XG said he has always been her God Son and their relationship has always been good. Show said that even after they have broken up, they still remain as good friends, and Da S thinks this is very good. Show also thinks it'll be even better.

i guess by now, everyone cld memorise why XG and Rainie broke up and would get that they are really very good friends. XG's relationship to Rainie's mother is really good and lets all wish that someday, somehow, they would both find someone they're really happy with or if not, together again Smile

Pick & Poll (part I) - last topic on Rainie & Alien  Untitled-1-4copy
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Pick & Poll (part I) - last topic on Rainie & Alien
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