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 Pick & Poll (part I) - 5th topic on Rainie & Alien

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Pick & Poll (part I) - 5th topic on Rainie & Alien   Empty
PostSubject: Pick & Poll (part I) - 5th topic on Rainie & Alien    Pick & Poll (part I) - 5th topic on Rainie & Alien   EmptySat Jul 10, 2010 1:16 pm

XZ: i want to go back to high school looking like this.
XG: you're a pervert. what do you think of doing?
XZ: looking like this, this height, this image, go back to high school
XG: so whatever competition, all basketball competition, all running competition, you're the only one who will win it
XZ: why do you have to be so exaggerating when you talk? you can say it properly. who can take it?
R: but he's just like that
XG: talking has to be like this, the more intense, the more red your face will get.
XZ: right now we're going to ask senior Rainie. "the senior (guy) of which class is the most good looking?"
(then Show asked the students which class of seniors are the most good looking)
XZ: why are the seniors of that class good looking?
XG: no, some handsome guys who can't get into that class would join the dance class.
XZ: dance class would be awkward
XG: handsome guy. but too lousy in studying, couldn't get into that class, so chose dance class. and then would do stretching everyday.
R: at that time, not handsome.
XG: there's a bar there, and they'd be stretching
XZ: did you just scold vulgarity?
XG: i was saying....
R: ma ya (slang for taiwanese which prolly meant "oh dear")
XZ: oh ok. so, senior Rainie.
R: i wld say, at that time, when i was a student, there's only one guy in my heart so, you know, won't go and notice other seniors.
XG: however our school there's a senior model. what are you doing?!
XZ: and then?
XG: that guy is very handsome.
XZ: heard that you were very popular then?
R: he's the most handsome.
XG: no, at that time, i was like you (popularity)
R: at that time, i disliked him initially. but after that he was too amiable.
R: i remember there were seniors (girl), 2 seniors, and our class girls, love him so much.
XG: not so exaggerating.
R: really really. they always "hong sheng junior, help us yadayada"
XG: senior is there, ask her. is it true?
(i guess the senior agreed)
XG: really? really, i think i felt more like a celebrity in school then. now its just alright.
XZ: oh i know. haven't become a celebrity, you're more popularity than a celebrity.
XG: yeah, when i haven't become a celebrity, i was more recognised please (i'm not too sure about this part, sorry)
XG: but now people are still saying wan zi, 3 brothers. (i think he meant ppl kept getting his group name wrong)

Pick & Poll (part I) - 5th topic on Rainie & Alien   Untitled-1-4copy
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Pick & Poll (part I) - 5th topic on Rainie & Alien
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