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 Love Hero (爱&英雄 / Ai & Yin Xiong)

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Love Hero (爱&英雄 / Ai & Yin Xiong) Empty
PostSubject: Love Hero (爱&英雄 / Ai & Yin Xiong)   Love Hero (爱&英雄 / Ai & Yin Xiong) EmptySun Jun 06, 2010 1:11 pm

01. Wan Ju Qiang Yu Mei Gui (Toy Guns and Roses)

credits: CherlyneCherry2

02. Gao Za Le (Screw Up)

credits: CherlyneCherry2

03. Wo Bu Yao Zhang Sheng Bu Lao (I Don't Want To live Forever)

credits: LovelyDove4

05. Wei Zi Ji (For Myself)

credits to:LovelyDove4

07. De Qiu Shang Zui Lang Man De Yi Shou Ge (The Most Romantic Song In Earth)

credits: LovelyDove4

08. Zong Guan Jun (Main Champion)

credits: AsiatKiwi

Love Hero (爱&英雄 / Ai & Yin Xiong) Untitled-1-4copy
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Love Hero (爱&英雄 / Ai & Yin Xiong)
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