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 Show Luo and Rainie Yang aren't together: Alien Huang

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Show Luo and Rainie Yang aren't together: Alien Huang Empty
PostSubject: Show Luo and Rainie Yang aren't together: Alien Huang   Show Luo and Rainie Yang aren't together: Alien Huang EmptyMon Mar 15, 2010 11:22 pm

Show Luo and Rainie Yang aren't together: Alien Huang
xin. sg-Monday, March15

source: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/xin/20100315/ten-876-show-luo-rainie-yang-arent-alien-3c1b9bc.html

Show Luo and Rainie Yang aren't together: Alien Huang Xiao_g10
No, multi-talented Taiwanese artiste Show Luo and adorable singer Rainie Yang were never together and are not attracted to each other, says Alien Huang, host of variety programme 100% Entertainment,

Alien's words do carry some weight. After all, he counts Show as his longtime mentor and Rainie is his ex-girlfriend, no less.

Alien arrived in Singapore last Friday to promote his first solo album, the rock-infused Love Hero, which was released at the end of last year. Known as the slapstick, loveable other half of Show on the daily entertainment variety programme, he was formerly a member of now-defunct boy-group Cosmo.

After his Cosmo album in 2003, the singer-host has finally returned to his first love of making music over hosting and acting. Alien's latest album features a collaboration of heavyweights, including rock legend Wu Bai, hip-hop maestro Chang Chen-yue and Mayday's Ashin and Monster, many of whom are friends he got to know from his hosting career.

Alien said that the road back to being a musician has been rocky, and the only way to climb back up is to "stay grounded and not be embroiled in unseemly news."

The 26-year-old credits his return to showbiz, after hitting rock-bottom seven years ago, to his "master", Show.

"Without his help, I would not be where I am today."

Alien rebuffed criticisms for being too similar to his teacher and said,"If I learn from him, there will definitely be shadows of him, so I don't mind (the comparisons)."

"But there will only be one Show Luo. If you've seen us long enough, you would know the way we talk and perform are different."

Because of certain obvious similarities, the co-hosts have gained a huge following due to their chemistry, but do they also have similiar taste in girls, like Rainie?

There have been rumoured sparks between his mentor and ex since they starred in the idol drama Hi My Sweetheart. This was further fuelled when the pair teased Alien whenever Rainie appeared on 100% Entertainment.

He negated rumours and set things straight, "I'm very close to both of them, and what I know is they're not together, were never together, and don't have special feelings for each other."

Another challenge Alien had to face during the preparation of Love Hero was the difficult task of shedding his bubbly hosting image.

"To make fans feel for my ballads and not find me funny. So far it's not been too big a problem."

An avid comic-book fan and a budding illustrator, what sort of hero would Alien want to be for his Love Hero album?

"Like Spiderman. I hope to save people. Especially for those who are going through emotional setbacks, I hope my songs can bring a sense of salvation."

And 'Alien' is his choice of a superhero alias.

Having queer names in the regional entertainment scene is not uncommon, but they don't get any weirder than that.

He admitted to creating that moniker himself, putting a twist to it from his Chinese nickname Xiaogui (literally 'Little Ghost'). The singer-host explained that he could relate to the unconventional nature and hopes to stand out and "be different" among the many other stars in the music industry.

And standing out sure comes with its benefits.

The assured host confessed that he prefers the role of the interviewee than the interviewer. "There's a certain vanity (laughs). Being interviewed is an enjoyment and another sense of achievement."

Alien Huang's Love Hero is available at all major music stores.

let's spread XIAO GUI's love to everyone!
iloveyou ALIEN!!!
XIAO GUI forever XD
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Show Luo and Rainie Yang aren't together: Alien Huang
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